Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My vacation!

Hello everyone! Even though it took a long time, I promised pictures from my trip, so here they are. Honestly, I love taking vacations,but hate the long car rides! Don't you? Anyways, the beach was great! Take a look at all the shells I found!

There were a few places in our hotel that I loved because they reminded me of the Titanic. Titanic's lounge and the hotel's Lobby Lounge look almost the same! See how they look alike? On some nights, they would even have singing and dancing in the Lobby Lounge! A man would play the piano and sing, then people would get up and dance. It was fun to watch.

The other place in our hotel that I loved was the staircase. It reminded me of the Grand Staircase from Titanic. Every time I walked down it, I felt like a 1st class passenger sailing on the R.M.S. Titanic.

I really missed my pets,but I think they had a good time. See the cute bandanas they went home in?